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After the successful release of their debut album “Fever Dreams” on the 10th of March 2023, THE RISING LIGHTS are back with a clear announcement: “Everybody Get Up”.


Their newest single describes the feeling of invincibility, makes you forget about the world around you and lets you focus on the most important person in your life – You. Celebrating Self-Love, this song fits perfectly into your summer playlists.


With pumping basslines and funky guitar parts, THE RISING LIGHTS’ newest single makes it easy to shake your body to it and dance into the sunset. 

About Us.

About Us.

The Rising Lights - Denny


The Rising Lights - Simeon


The Rising Lights - Jovin


THE RISING LIGHTS (Dennis Koch, Jovin Langenegger, Simeon Wälti) is a Swiss rock-pop group from Zurich, born and raised in Frauenfeld. They have been touring together as a band since 2013.

After releasing their first EP „The Rising Lights“ in March of 2017, followed by „Quarter Life Crisis“ in 2019. Their songs found their way into Spotify playlists and got radio airplay on several Swiss stations such as Radio 1, Radio Sunshine, SRF3, Radio Swiss Pop and more.


However, the most important thing for the three musicians is playing live shows and keeping in touch with their fanbase. Therefore, they have played over 150 shows, including Stars In Town 2017 next to Seven, Pegasus and Emeli Sandé and Openair Gampel in 2019.

In March 2023, the trio opened a new chapter of their band history with the release of their debut album “Fever Dreams”. With a new sound, image and visuals, the band rose to the next level – an experience that you wouldn’t wanna miss to see live.



After ten years, the time has finally come and the pop-rock formation THE RISING LIGHTS released their long-awaited debut album called "Fever Dreams" on March 10, 2023. The three musicians have been working on their sound and image for three years and the result is fittingly presented with ten songs. «Fever Dreams» captures the band’s sound with guitar, bass and drum elements, adding 80s-style synth layers and complex vocoder sounds.


The whole recording process, which sometimes literally felt like a single fever dream, comes to an end with a complete work that is worth looking forward to. THE RISING LIGHTS show themselves from their most mature and best side so far.

The Rising Lights - LIVE, Tap Tab, Schaffhausen



THE RISING LIGHTS is a Swiss rock / pop group from Zurich, born and raised in Frauenfeld. They have been touring together as a band for over ten years now.

The following link includes all the latest biography, press text, past shows, milestones and some press photos. 

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