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The pop-rock trio THE RISING LIGHTS are starting the new year with the release of their latest single “2AM”, which introduces the monthly countdown for their debut album releasing in March of 2023.


As did with their last singles “Lover” and “Stay”, the sound design of their debut album continues steadily. A song that pushes forward with heavy drum and bass elements, adding hints of the eighties with rocking guitar and synth leads. “2AM” captures the feeling of restlessness and insomnia mixed with loneliness. Moments, in which you’d want to get in your car and drive deep into the night. 

About Us.


The Rising Lights - Denny


The Rising Lights - Simeon


The Rising Lights - Jovin


THE RISING LIGHTS is a Swiss rock-pop group from Zurich, born and raised in Frauenfeld. They have been touring together as a band since 2013.


After releasing their first EP „The Rising Lights“ in March of 2017, followed by „Quarter Life Crisis“ in 2019. Their songs found their way into Spotify playlists and got radio airplay on several Swiss stations such as Radio 1, Radio Sunshine, SRF3, Radio Swiss Pop and more.


However, the most important thing for the three musicians is playing live shows and keeping in touch with their fanbase. Therefore, they have played over 150 shows, including Stars In Town 2017 next to Seven, Pegasus and Emeli Sandé and Openair Gampel in 2019.


In March 2023, the trio will be opening a new chapter of their band history with the release of their debut album. With a new sound, image and visuals, the band is rising to the next level.



After releasing their first single “Lover” from their upcoming debut album, THE RISING LIGHTS released a second single called “Stay” – a deep and balladic story about a strange encounter between vocalist Dennis and an unknown woman in a bus in LA. What drives a person to let their guard down and open up to a complete stranger? “Stay” embodies this question in a captivating sound concept, paired with spacey guitar lines, synth arpeggios and dramatic drumbeats. The song gives listeners food for thought and invites them to dwell in another world. 

The Rising Lights - LIVE, Tap Tab, Schaffhausen




THE RISING LIGHTS is a Swiss rock / pop group from Zurich, born and raised in Frauenfeld. They have been touring together as a band for over ten years now.

The following link includes all the latest biography, press text, past shows, milestones and some press photos. 

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